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Is it possible to predict 2022 social media trends? Social media marketing evolves quickly, but when it comes to our favorite social media platforms, there are some common themes and trends to look out for.  We have our eye on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and... Their Story BayRunner Shuttle is a locally owned and operated shuttle service with shuttle stops across Eastern and Western Maryland, including BWI Marshall Airport, BWI Amtrak, and the Baltimore Greyhound Bus Station, bringing a convenient, reliable, and safe...
Do you know what happens on the internet every minute? Online activity is ever-changing year after year. People are spending more time on mobile apps, spending more money online than in physical stores, and generally spending more time working and communicating from home.  Take a look at the...
Did you know that mobile internet usage has been steadily increasing against desktop usage for the past ten years? Globally, the latest data for 2021 shows that mobile usage holds 56% of the share of internet traffic. Time on mobile is mainly spent on specific apps.  Maybe it’s time to think...
Your childhood nostalgia is making a comeback! Macy’s is joining forces with Toys ‘R’ Us with the help of WHP Global. An assortment of Toys ‘R’ Us favorites are already available online at and retail items will be ready for purchase in more than 400 Macy’s stores across... Their Story Worcester County Tourism has a lot on its plate when it comes to promoting all that Maryland’s Coast has to offer. The towns of Ocean City, Snow Hill, Ocean Pines, Berlin, Pocomoke, and Assateague, are all popular spots for visitors and locals to...

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