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Geofencing Marketing

What if you were able to market to your target audience while they’re shopping with your competitor? Or, even as they’re preparing to use your service, or browsing your store? Welcome to the world of Geofencing Marketing

What once seemed impossible is now a reality when you use geofence marketing! You can now advertise your product and service like never before through advertising based on a user’s location, which you can make as broad or as specific as you’d like. 

Geofence marketing allows you to connect with smartphone users in a designated geographic area through mobile apps or mobile web pages. As geofencing is a location-based technology, it relies on several different technologies, including Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth in order to work.

In short, this is how geofencing can work for your company!

  1. You create a geofence in a designated area and an ad campaign for that geofence. 

  2. A user steps (or drives) into that geofence and gets automatically added to your advertising audience. 

  3. Your company starts delivering ads to that user, whether via notifications, in-app advertisements, or search and display ads on Google. 

When you utilize geofencing, you can create a virtual fence around any geographic area that you want! Whenever someone enters and leaves your perimeter, they automatically become eligible to receive your ads for up to 30 days! You can place your fence almost anywhere. Create one around your business, as well as your competitor’s location, and send geofencing ads that contain a promotion or a discount, to potential customers to shop with your business. 

These ads can be delivered through mobile apps and search or display ads. You can even set geofencing so that it will trigger app notifications to be sent to the user’s smartphone! The best part about geofencing marketing? You can choose when your ads appear. 

For example, if you notice more foot traffic around areas in which you geofenced during a certain time, you can set your ads to appear during that time frame on mobile web pages and apps to yield the best results and utilization of your ad spend. 

For example, if you own a restaurant near a local venue, and want to encourage people to stop by and order a meal with you after their event- geofencing is perfect for you!. You can add a geofence around an event venue, and when people start to leave, they’ll be targeted to receive your ads or promos!  

Like many digital marketing tools, geofence marketing will support and complement your overall digital marketing strategy. It’ll inform your team when your target audience is active, as well as how to market to them after an in-store visit.

While geofencing may seem complicated, it’s a rather straightforward service, especially when you have an experienced company on your side who is up to snuff. Interested in learning more? Contact the experts at D3! You know where to find us. 

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