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The Story



Jeffrey Auxer’s venture into Venetian glassmaking started as a casual elective during his time at Salisbury University, quickly blossoming into a full-blown passion. In 2009, Jeffrey opened his own gallery and studio, Jeffrey Auxer Designs, in Berlin, Maryland and his enthusiasm for glassblowing evolved into a successful art career.

In 2023, one of Jeffrey’s closest friends, Nick, lost his lab, Harper. A loyal family member, Harper was by Nick’s side through college, marriage, children and each milestone in between. Jeffrey wanted to use his talents to create something unique for Nick and his family. A glass memorial worthy of the life they lost. An idea sparked. Blending ashes into glass art to craft loving memorials that capture the essence of the life they represent. Remember Me Glass was ignited. Jeffrey took it a step further by incorporating human cremations into art. At its core, Remember Me Glass is devoted to honoring the life of a loved one through artistic expression.

Our Journey

Jeffrey brought his new business idea to D3 with the intention of starting a conversation about a new website to sell his custom-blown glass cremation keepsakes.

“I knew I needed a specialized website that could handle a custom order 3-part shipping process for customers,” said Auxer. “I had no idea where to start and was uncertain if it would even work. What I did know is that I had a creative business idea and needed an equally creative marketing team to help me execute it. My uncertainty and apprehension quickly dissipated after my first consultation with the D3 team.”

This wasn’t your typical e-commerce website where people ordered a product, paid and had it shipped to their home or business. The project was unique in many ways. The idea of asking people to ship the cremated ashes of a loved one or devoted pet is personal and must be handled with precision and care. Messaging on the website needed to reflect the vigilance Jeffrey and his team took with each order and educate customers about their detail oriented process to gain their trust. Shipping was a big part of that process. D3 worked with Jeffrey to add an “Ordering Process” page to the site that outlined specific steps on the ash collection process, sales order review and return shipping instructions.

“Every piece is handcrafted in our studio with the utmost care and integrity to provide you with a piece of art that is as unique and beautiful as the life it was made in remembrance of.”

What’s a website without vibrant imagery? D3’s professional multi-media team captured dynamic video of Jeffrey's artistic process and still photography of each glass-blown piece representing an array of shapes to choose from. Other custom options displayed on the website include color, free engraving and a space to fill out who the keepsake is in memory for Jeffrey to include a certificate of authenticity to the buyer.

To improve online visibility and attract organic traffic to ultimately boost sales, the D3 team took a comprehensive approach to building an effective SEO strategy for the Remember Me Glass website. Relevant keywords and phrases were included in the development of high-quality content on the site. Developers also designed the site to be responsive and mobile-friendly to provide a seamless user experience across all devices.

“D3 has all of the resources and professional expertise necessary under one roof which makes them a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs. It simplified the process of developing an effective marketing strategy and made it attainable, less overwhelming and allowed me to focus on the other critical aspects of my business.”

Jeffrey Auxer, Remember Me Glass

“Collaborating with Jeffrey to bring his ideas to life offered D3 a stage to showcase our commitment to innovation and user-centric design. Through captivating imagery, SEO integration and streamlined functionality, we have created an online platform that not only displays Jeffrey’s work but also facilitates a seamless browsing experience. The introduction of a three-step shipping process illustrates our dedication to enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. This launch signifies a new chapter in our journey, empowering Remember Me Glass to thrive in a digital landscape.”

Jay Bosley, Chief Operating Officer, D3

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