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Our Harvest

What We Did

Logo Design & Branding
Public Relations
Website Design
Mulit-Channel Social Media Graphics
Email Marketing
Video Production & Distribution
Print Design
We figured it out together. The team I worked with from D3 were committed, open-minded and we trusted each other. That trust makes things much easier.
John Trader
Owner of Our Harvest
image of Our Harvest
image of Our Harvest

The Story

"We focus on the inside, we listen to our guests." That's what John Trader credits his 38-year success story with Liquid Assets in Ocean City, Maryland. Offering an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, LA's robust brand delivers a contemporary culinary approach with freshly prepared ingredients and traditional favorites made from scratch. Memorable experiences, attention to detail, and superior customer service go a long way as through the years, most people discovered LA simply by word of mouth.

Trader's need for off-site kitchen space became the foundation for the opening of the next venture - Our Harvest in Fenwick Island, Delaware.

"We forgot how to eat, talk and reconnect at the table," said Trader. "I asked myself what was wrong with the restaurant world. Maybe it's the check being dropped off too soon, cell phones at the table or people talking over each other. People are seeking quality. Our Harvest is more about relationships. We serve home-cooked meals prepared with a passion."

With a loyal following, tapping into Liquid Assets forte to generate tension and excitement for the launch of Our Harvest was a no brainer.

"The best part - everyone thought it was going to be another LA."

Media queries flooded in but none were granted - not until the official launch. The suspense grew and took over a life of its own. With a calculated plan in place, D3 in partnership with the owner, John Trader, cued up each digital component to simultaneously go viral for the formal launch announcement of the opening of Our Harvest in Fenwick Island, Delaware.

“I wanted to break the internet,” said John. It worked. Our Harvest sold out every single night.

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