Case Study: MuniCap, Inc.


The Story

MuniCap, Inc has made its mark regionally and nationally, being among the first firms providing tax increment financing and special district consulting, primarily in the mid-Atlantic region. MuniCap has fostered partnerships in public and private sectors leading to more than 500 successful transactions, and more than $10 billion in funding. The company has offices in five states, successfully covering the mid-Atlantic region and other areas nationally including Texas, Missouri, and Indiana. 

As one of the nation’s most experienced firms within the highly specialized field of public investment for real estate development, MuniCap needed a dynamic, and modern website to act as a resource and informational hub.

Our Journey

As industry businesses continue to level up their digital marketing footprint, even a company as well-known as MuniCap knew launching a new website was a priority. The modernization of the site provides a crucial step towards a prominent online presence.

Website Development

One of the first steps of website development for any client is to determine the goals and functionalities that the site will need to achieve. For MuniCap, some of these key points included a website that was mobile-friendly, organized, modern and included easy customization features. 

D3 strives to make all of our websites with a user-friendly interface on the front end and the back end of the site. This gives our clients the ability to make their own admin changes as well as reach out to our team for any maintenance and improvements. 

Website Design

MuniCap, Inc’s redevelopment projects ignite change in each community they serve through sustainability, revitalization, and economic growth. Showcasing these success stories was a top priority for the company’s website. The new site features case studies, imagery, and portfolios that include cityscapes and stunning real estate development funded by the team. The design combines eye-catching visuals aesthetically into the architecture of the site.   

Additionally, with transparency being a key component of MuniCap’s business, it was vital to include easily accessible resources, news articles, and property owner information on the website. The site’s hierarchy demonstrates this with a simple, organized layout, letting the images speak for themselves but also providing a clear reference point for anything a user might need. 

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