Case Study: Dolles Candyland

Dolle's saltwater taffy

The Story

For nearly 115 years, Dolle’s Candy has been a hallmark of Ocean City, MD. Dolle’s is synonymous with true-to-flavor, handmade taffy, fudge, caramels, and popcorn. These classic, yet iconic treats are exactly what locals and visitors have come to associate with Boardwalk strolls and annual beach vacations. 

Since 2000, the company has been run by siblings Andrew and Anna Dolle, who have expanded from the Boardwalk location to three additional storefronts and a mobile Kandy Kar. 

Our Journey

The Dolle’s brand symbolizes the company’s commitment to its heritage. But nostalgia is just a fraction of what Dolle’s has been able to accomplish with its branding. As a D3 client for 15 years, Dolle’s has trusted our team with content expertise, including email marketing, their e-commerce website, branded graphic design, and professional photography/videography. 

With a prime spot on the Boardwalk, D3 has also assisted Dolle’s by providing two of what became the most viewed live webcams on the Boardwalk. If you’ve seen this signature design, it is a result of D3's collaboration with Dolle’s to manage the project from design to production, to photography for online and in-store sales.

With great products comes great responsibility to showcase all that they have to offer! Some of the most successful advertising efforts for Dolle’s comes from their email marketing campaigns. In 2023, the email open rate and click-through rate were well above the industry average and contributed to the yearly sales. 

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