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The Story

Founded in 1946, Delaware Elevator, Inc. is a family-owned, full-service elevator company committed to providing the best quality of products and services to all existing and potential customers. Delaware Elevator has grown from its corporate office in Salisbury, MD, to leveling up with locations throughout Delaware, Virginia Beach, the Carolinas, Florida, and Minnesota.

As one of the largest independent elevator companies in the nation, Delaware Elevator serves new construction, modernization, residential and handicap lifts, marine/vessel elevators and offers service and maintenance. With locations from Wilmington, Delaware, to Minnesota, and all the way down to Florida, a company named “Delaware Elevator” had their work cut out for them when it came to gaining regional presence.

This is why the team at D3 created custom landing pages to specifically target keywords for each location. The result? Among others, they earned a coveted spot as the first Google result for “Elevator Companies in D.C.” 

In fact, earning traction on Google is one of the main focuses of Delaware Elevator’s marketing strategy. The company also utilizes Google Search Ad campaigns for its multiple locations.

While their organic ranking is mighty, Google Search ads give Delaware Elevator the extra coverage necessary to compete at scale with other national elevator companies in targeted regional markets. When ads appear, along with organic search rankings on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), that dominating presence is noticed by the user, earning Delaware Elevator additional authority as a trusted source and industry leader as well as drives traffic and potential leads to their site.

"The team at D3 has been in been instrumental in facilitating advances for Delaware Elevator’s online presence. Our company has expanded rapidly within the past 10 years and now, along with our corporate headquarters, we have 11 branch locations and 2 manufacturing facilities. D3 has designed numerous landing pages for our branch locations in order for us to gain Google recognition in those areas. We are so grateful for their services and to now have our presence recognized online where we needed it most. We couldn’t imagine working with any other team. Also special shout-out to Amber Riley – a complete Rockstar and always there when we need her. She is completely on it in all aspects of her work. Couldn’t do it without you, Amber!"

- Charley Meeks, Marketing Specialist & Architectural Liaison

D3 and Delaware Elevator have also worked together on email marketing templates. The D3 email marketing team helps Delaware Elevator create new email templates, continuously update them, and provide support to their email marketing platform whenever necessary!

So, just how important is organic and paid SEO combined with marketing support from the experts who do it all daily? Delaware Elevator, Inc. shows proven results when marketing its multiple locations across the country.

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