Case Study: CR of Maryland

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The Story

Established in 2004, CR of Maryland started as CR Property Group, a Maryland based business dedicated to buying, renovating and reselling homes. It didn’t take long for the company to become one of the largest home renovation companies in the northeast. To keep up with the high demands of the housing market, CR of Maryland expanded into a full-service turnkey real estate investment firm. With an extensive network of resources and established industry relationships, CR of Maryland positioned itself as a sole real estate provider to investors by  handling all renovations and property management services internally to ensure quality and a higher return on investment. With a full-time team and support staff, the company now buys and renovates both houses and rentals, resells homes and leases rentals.

CR of Maryland leadership knew with the expansion of services, it was essential to align their business goals with a professionally developed marketing strategy tailored to reach different target audiences on multiple channels. They were sold when they discovered they would have the ability to monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns and refine their strategy over time by partnering with D3 to implement a digital marketing plan.  

“The D3 team is amazing. They helped us understand that since our investors are all over the country, we needed to up our game with how we organized our website if we were planning on reaching them through digital ad campaigns. We realized people didn’t always know where to click to find what they were looking for on our site. The landing pages solved the problem and we know now that a lot more people are coming across the pages that wouldn’t have before, which is only better for business.”
Paige Reich, Operations Manager, CR of Maryland

Our Journey

The goal of the D3 team - to streamline the company’s marketing messages to reach targeted audiences. With a focus on construction and remodeling, sales and acquisitions of investment properties and property management, the strategy started with the website. The D3 team invested time in the development of landing pages with focused, optimized content, tailored to each audience. These landing pages provided a positive user experience for visitors because they delivered the specific information they were looking for, increasing the likelihood of engagement and desired conversions. The new landing pages also helped the CR of Maryland team integrate their processes through a form that was added to each landing page that fed directly into their CRM.  

Previously CR of Maryland relied on a third party platform to list all of their for sale and rental properties. They discovered it limited the control they had over how their listings were displayed and their direct engagement with clients. The D3 development team built a turnkey property listing search tool  that they now manage in-house, within their website. Problem solved.   

Among the landing pages, D3 applied a data capture tool called Leadz, to collect the email addresses of visitors to the Turnkey Investment page , to be used for remarketing campaigns that target investors further down the sales funnel. And it doesn’t stop there. The team is also delivering Google ads targeting investors that link  them to a turnkey investment page on the site.  

CR of Maryland recognized the importance of brand consistency and was ready to take their brand to the next level by building a brand guidelines package into the foundation of their internal and external marketing communications. D3 created a CR of Maryland branding guide that provides the team with a framework for consistent communication and design, contributing to a strong, recognizable and reputable brand identity. 

Email marketing has been a familiar tool for the CR of Maryland team but they were looking for a more efficient way to deliver custom messages to targeted email lists. With a push to provide consistent messaging across all channels, D3’s email marketing team provided support by creating workflows in the client’s email platform utilizing designed email templates .

And let’s not forget about social media marketing. Through monthly social media management the D3 social team has made gains in the growth of CR of Maryland’s Meta accounts, showing an increase in engagement and a 28.6% increase in the engagement rate per impression. 

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