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The Story


Chesapeake Health Care, CHC, formerly known as Three Lower Counties Community Services, has a rich history rooted in healthcare excellence and community service. CHC was founded to address the healthcare needs of underserved communities on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, serving as a vital resource for affordable, accessible, patient and family-centered healthcare services. Over the years, the organization has grown its workforce to over 600 team members, treating more than 65,000 patients yearly, throughout its 16 specialized locations, two pharmacies, and five School-Based Health Centers. As a comprehensive healthcare provider, CHC offers primary care, pediatrics, women's health, behavioral health, and dental care, and operates two pharmacy locations. 


When a community health center like Chesapeake Health Care expands at a rapid pace, its website, the primary source of information, must evolve alongside it. CHC reached out to D3 as a returning client, looking for a fresh look and new functionality for the organization’s website to better serve its communities.

“I knew a more modern, user-friendly website would reflect our growth and commitment to providing high-quality healthcare,” said Julie Houk, marketing communications manager at Chesapeake Health Care. “Our goal was to facilitate easier access to information, improve patient/provider communication and engagement and continue to build trust with the communities we serve.”

D3's team delivered an innovative website design that provides significant benefits to patients through its enhanced features. The Healthcare Provider Listing on the site makes it easier for patients to find their doctors and recognize them through photos and learn more about them from detailed provider information. CHC’s Patient Portal offers 24/7 access to health information where patients can securely log in to view lab results, immunization records, request prescription refills, and communicate with physicians and other medical providers. The Location Listing includes over 17 locations, ensuring patients can quickly locate and access any CHC facility throughout Wicomico, Worcester, and Somerset counties. These improvements make the website more user-friendly, up-to-date, and comprehensive, enhancing the overall patient experience.

“Our new website is designed with our patients in mind. I really enjoyed the back and forth I had with the D3 team in creating a design that met all our needs and improved the overall patient experience.

The comprehensive provider listing allows users to easily learn about our healthcare professionals to make informed choices about their care. The location listing makes it simple to find the nearest Chesapeake Health Care facility, and the patient portal provides convenient access to health records, appointment scheduling, and direct communication with providers.”

Julie Houk, Marketing and Communications Manager at Chesapeake Health Care

“We are incredibly proud of the new Chesapeake Health Care website,” said Jay Bosley, chief operating officer for D3. “Our team focused on creating an organized and visually appealing layout that prioritizes ease of navigation. The design is intuitive, ensuring that users can effortlessly access the information and services they need. By simplifying the user experience, our goal was to enhance patient engagement and satisfaction, which I believe we achieved.” In addition to its patient-focused features, the new website also includes a branded staff store. This exclusive section allows Chesapeake Health Care staff members to easily order branded products. From uniforms to accessories, the store provides a convenient way for staff to showcase their affiliation with Chesapeake Health Care.

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