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International Data Privacy Day

International Data Privacy Day is on January 28th each year! This day aims to empower individuals and companies to take action on protecting their personal and professional data.


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Color: The Ultimate Statement

When it comes to print design, you may have found yourself wondering, what is a way to really make your design stand out and catch someone's eye? The first thing that comes to our mind is...

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Change Your Password

February 1 is National Change Your Password Day!

The top ten most common passwords used in 2018 can also be considered the top ten worst passwords to choose from. Some of which included...

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Target Impression Share

Everyone wants to get results from paid advertising… In order to maximize reach for your paid search campaigns, Google Ads recently released a new smart bidding strategy. They call it Target...

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Tips for Avoiding Common SEO Mistakes

Every business can commiserate over the struggle to land in the coveted top spots of an organic search. Even a beautifully designed website can suffer from low analytics without the proper exposure...

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What Is Your Type?

With the virtually unlimited selections of type available today, choosing a font can quickly send you down the rabbit hole. Should I choose a...

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