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Google Advisory

When dealing with Google and SEO strategies, it is important to know one thing: they’re always changing. For this reason, D3 is staying on top things for our clients such as new updates...

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Email Marketing: Enhance Your Message

Best Email Marketing Practices

Email Marketing, or E-marketing, is one of the most popular, cost-effective ways to send a message to a large audience. You can reach hundreds of thousands...

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Instagram Business Profiles

If you’re an avid user on Instagram for your business or company, but have no idea how to collect data of clicks or views from your followers, you might want to think about changing over your...
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List Scan

Check the health of your online business information with help from our listings scan. Instantly see how your most critical location data appears on Google, Yelp, Facebook and dozens more maps,...

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Email Marketing Made Easy

In this day in age, technology has made advertising simple, effective, and affordable. Although there are numerous platforms for advertising, Email Marketing is still one of the most cost-effective...

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Domain Names

How does your domain name affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

In order for your domain name to affect SEO, your keyword string should match your exact domain name....

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