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Update Your Browser

Using an out of date browser is not something you want to get caught doing. If your current browser is outdated, it's vital that you update to the latest version provided. Outdated and unsecure...

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Request a Verified Badge on Instagram

First and foremost, in order to have a verified badge on your Instagram profile and page, you must be a public figure, celebrity or brand, and meet certain 

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Photo Release and Liability

Client attests that all photographs and images provided by Client and/or used by D3 to build Client's web site is legally owned by Client, or permitted for use by owner.

It is the...

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Optimizing your Images for Better SEO

Search engines do not look at websites like a user and see a picture; they do not have eyes - they read file names. They use these files names, along with other many factors, to determine the...

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Spam Prevention Tips

Protect Your Email from SPAM

Let’s face it, SPAM is not cool – no one wants to deal with an overflowing inbox filled with junk mail. Outlandish deals, irrelevant...

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Clearing your cache

People in the web-field will ask you to clear your cache nonstop. It's one of those things that is unavoidable and must be done on the regular – so do it. A cache stores previous versions of a...

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