As video has become essential to marketing your business, it’s important to not only engage and actively post video content but to do it right. You will want your video to perform well and successfully enhance your company's growth.

So, what should you keep in mind while filming your next video?

Catch Your Audience’s Attention, and Keep It!

Always put the most important and captivating information first. About 20% of viewers drop off after the first ten seconds of a video. Nowadays, it’s easy to “just keep scrolling.”

Tell the Story

Video is all about storytelling. Because of that, you need to know where the story begins, where it is leading, and where it ends. If you just stuff a variety of ideas and random clips together, there is no message being conveyed to your viewers.

Stay On Brand

Brand Reputation is key, especially through visuals. This may seem obvious, but it’s very important when creating a video for marketing purposes. Clips on your social media account need to match your YouTube Channel as well as your Television Commercials. You should have a reputable, recognizable brand that is cohesive throughout all videos.

Don’t Use Too Many Special Effects

Your goal when using video to market your business is to catch your followers and potential customers’ attention. While special effects and “wow” factors may seem like an easy way to do this, you have to be conscious of how much you are editing your footage. Too many special effects can make the video too busy and cause those watching to lose interest.

Know Your Video Platform

Make sure you know what platform you plan on displaying your video on before filming. When creating a video ad or post for Facebook or Instagram, shooting a vertical video is more beneficial as it takes up more of the screen on a mobile device. YouTube or Television videos should be shot horizontal.

Now that you know the basic “musts” of creating a video for marketing efforts, it’s time to get filming!