Online video advertising has encompassed the marketing and advertising world. Images no longer suffice; an engaging, successful ad needs movement.

Twenty percent of online video advertising is spent on the YouTube platform. Many companies find it easy to “plug-and-play YouTube into their online video plan,” according to Marketing Land specialists, but there are strategies to implement in order to maximize your advertising victories.

Brand Suitability

On any platform across the internet where there is user-generated content, brand suitability is a huge aspect of your advertising efforts to consider. Make sure your creative and message remain consistent. Once you’ve found the ideal content to align your message with, it’s a good idea to keep that consistent as well.

You want your message to reach an audience who is of the same interests, values, etc. Then you want to stay there and become familiar, trusted, and recognizable to that audience.

Channels vs. Categories

YouTube Channels are very inviting and entice marketers as a simple way to reach their intended audience, but that is not always the case. There is always a possibility that YouTube channels will shift gears at any point, making it less suitable for your product or service.

Rather than just simply buying a channel, a better approach is to do some in-depth research and find various videos from multiple channels and align your ad’s message with content suitable to those.

Transparency and Target Audiences

Obviously, Google prefers videos that are the most popular and best-performing. Many videos and content across YouTube are related to music, gaming, and entertainment. These three categories are great starters, but it’s important to target both content data and audience data to ensure you’re reaching your intended audience.

Additionally, consider your end goal of your advertisement, not only when crafting the creative, but also when targeting your consumers.

Once you have that high-quality, eye-catching video content created, make sure you’re implementing it in the best way possible using these tactics to generate the highest return on your investments.