Solicitations unfortunately run rampant on the internet, and are more often than not veiled attempts to lure unsuspecting individuals and businesses into paying for services that they did not receive or essentially do not need or want. We encourage all of our clients to act with caution before ever sending private information or money to an unfamiliar source.

Here is an example of a solicitation D3Corp received that is a scam on domain names. The company advertises themselves as Domain Listings, and as the attached piece of mail shows, they are soliciting D3Corp for $105.00 for a website domain name listing for domain name, which we already own. While the small print does indicate that this is in fact a solicitation and that you are under no obligation to pay, the small print can be easily overlooked or confusing for clients. As such we encourage our clients to be aware of all solicitation or scam materials you may be receiving. Read, comprehend, and fully understand what a company is seeking before moving further.