At any stage of your business, social media platforms can be a strong asset to help reach your target audience and your goals. Are you looking for the best social media strategy? It can be difficult to find time to be on every platform, so optimize your time on the ones that will make the most sense for your business.

The first step is to understand your business’s goals. Do you want to increase brand awareness, consumer engagement, or drive sales? Maybe it’s a combination of a few goals that you can achieve in different ways. Check out the best way to use each of these six platforms that D3 utilizes most to help clients reach their goals!

Instagram for Business

Instagram is best when used on the mobile app. The platform is centered around sharing images on the main feed, 24-hour story posts, direct messaging capabilities, IG reels (which are short videos comparable to IGTV), and the Instagram Shop. The shop allows you to advertise, sell, and buy directly from the app. 

Business Goals for Instagram Include:

- Increase Sales

- Drive Traffic to Site & Other Platforms

- Increase Brand Awareness

- Establish Relationships & Customer Loyalty

Instagram is visual-focused and can result in great engagement. Create a style guide to keep a consistent look and give your followers a reason to interact with your posts. Ask a question in the caption, give advice that they will save and share, and repost user-generated content to benefit the brand and engage with your followers.

Facebook for Business

In comparison to Instagram, Facebook reaches a much broader demographic and can be used just as efficiently on a desktop as on mobile. Think about your journey as a user. A common first step when hearing about a new brand or business is to look them up on Facebook. 

Facebook advertising, which can also be displayed on Instagram, is another popular way to reach targeted audiences and results in extensive analytics. A standard Facebook feed on a business profile can include written posts, shared media, business information, and more. Public or private groups can also be created to help with consumer engagement.

Business Goals for Facebook Include:

- Create a Strong Online Presence

- Increase Online Sales

- Re-engage people who have interacted with your business

- Generate Leads

- Start Advertising

Facebook is a highly versatile platform and a good go-to for all kinds of businesses. With a budget and time, Facebook Ads can thrive because of the diverse audiences and markets to target. These will help reach a larger group of users than standard feed posts, especially for a business that’s just starting out. 

TikTok for Business

TikTok is a newer social media platform with short videos that reach a narrower majority demographic of young people between the ages of 16 to 24. TikTok is based on trends, hashtags, and viral videos that users can make their own and share with others. Visual-based businesses, like art, food, and retail, can be successful in this market as long as their target audience fits the demographic. 

Business Goals for TikTok Include:

- Build Brand Awareness

- Engage Potential Customers

- Advertise Products & Services

TikTok also has its own advertising available to promote sponsored videos. Influencer marketing is prominent on TikTok as well which helps with brand awareness, sales, and reaching your target audience. 

LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is a popular online platform for professionals and businesses to use when networking, sharing content and making inquiries. The platform is almost exclusively used by those who are job seeking, hiring, networking, or learning more about their industry. Business-to-business relationships can excel here. 

Business Goals for LinkedIn Include:

- Recruit Employees

- Showcase Your Brand/Achievements

- Improve Business to Business Relationships

- Target Specific Audiences

Make the most out of your LinkedIn page by using it to connect with professionals in similar industries and promote your business in a way that will resonate with others. LinkedIn will likely be used less often than other platforms, but it can still be beneficial to have in your strategy.

Twitter for Business

Twitter is a good way to stand out with your brand by using a creative voice and playing off trends and hashtags to boost engagement. Content usually includes news, stories, humorous threads, or original takes on a popular trending topic or phrase. 

Business Goals for Twitter Include:

- Build Brand Awareness

- Engage with Customers

- Add Valuable Content

On Twitter, it’s best to be committed and consistent since there is lots of other “noise” to compete with. The platform may prove to be more high maintenance with better success in multiple tweets per day and active responses to tags and other users’ tweets.

Still looking to find the right social media strategy for your brand? D3 is here to help! Contact us today to work with our social team.