Instagram enabled the ability for you to post static images of your IGTV videos to your Instagram Stories!

Announced on November 1, the video preview now loads the full video on IGTV when the image is clicked on within the story.

The whole point of this is to increase the exposure of IGTV through Instagrams already established platform. Since it’s initial launch in June, IGTV has slowly been gaining traction. Consumers and well-known video publishers claim this is because it is so new and there is an unknown as to what content will perform best. The answer to driving engagement? Create a new way to access the content through a credible social platform!

IGTV was designed to support long videos of up to 60 minutes. There is a separate IGTV App available, but there is also a dedicated section for IGTV on the Instagram App.

People are watching about 60% more video on Instagram than last year, and video is taking over the social marketing world. With IGTV, the video content is optimized to fit how users typically watch video on their phones, providing a full-screen vertical view.

Video across social platforms builds trust and appeals to mobile users. 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile device, and since the world of smartphones and mobility continues to advance and grow, video audiences just keep getting bigger and bigger. Video engages all types of users, even the less-interactive ones, and is the best way to get a message across.

If you haven’t started using IGTV, now may be the time to do so! Showcasing your IGTV Videos through Instagram Stories will give you the potential to reach a much greater audience with longer, more complex videos that you’ve been avoiding sharing.