There are many benefits to having a Pinterest for your business. By setting up a business account, you have access to Pinterest analytics, along with the ability to post rich pins. You can now have an official Pinterest account to promote your brand and connect with influencers by verifying your page and site. Similar to other verified accounts like Twitter, your business can attain a certain level of cache to your company’s online presence. Pinterest allows the embedding of their sharing and follow buttons to be added to your site to help connect with your visitors and fans.

To Set Up a Brand New Business Account:

  • If you have a personal account, be sure to log out of it.
  • Go to Pinterest for Business and click Join as a Business.
  • Fill out the required fields about your business and the person who will manage the account.
  • Read and accept their Business Terms of Service and click Create Account.

Convert Your Personal Account to a Business Account:

  • Log into your personal account.
  • Go to Pinterest for Business.
  • Click Convert Now.
  • Fill out your business information and click Convert.

Verify your account:

  • Visit the Settings page and click Verify Website.
  • Pinterest will ask you to download an HTML verification file to upload to your server.
  • Once you've downloaded that HTML file, e-mail it to and we can upload it to your server.

We highly suggest that businesses include a button, link, or widget on their website to encourage visitors to visit their Pinterest page as Pinners can generate traffic to your website. Pinterest offers free downloadable buttons and widgets: If you'd like to have any of these embedded on your website, call D3Corp (410-213-2400) or email Edits at and let them know.