Search engines do not look at websites like a user and see a picture; they do not have eyes - they read file names. They use these files names, along with other many factors, to determine the content of a website and what keywords to index the site under for search results. It is important that images are properly titled and have Alt Text so that they can be accurately indexed.

Apple tree with many red apples on the groundImage Title

Images should be titled related primarily to the image itself while adding in some overall targeted keyword phrases for your overall website content. The image to the right could be titled "Pick your own Apples at Jones Family Farm in Berlin MD."

Image Alt Text

Again, search engines do not have eyes; they rely solely on information in the code of your website. Alt text is a more descriptive way of telling search engines what is physically in the image; less keywords are used. Search engine bots use Alt information to decipher what an image represents. Good Alt text for the apple tree photo could be "tree with apples" or "tree with red apples." Bad Alt text would be "Jones Family Fruit Farm." However, you could combine the two by giving the Alt text of "tree with red apples on Jones Family Fruit Farm."


  1. Go to Website Dashboard.
  2. Go to media library.
  3. Depending on your CMS version*, you should be able to click on the pic; then another screen will pop up and show the current image information in various fields.
  4. Overwrite/Type in the new title (at top) by clicking out of the field or closing with the X in the top right. Now save the new title.
  5. No two images should be named the same. Titles and Alt Text should be different. Both should be limited to about 10 words or less.
    *If you need help with this, please call our Customer Service Department.

Overall for Images

By adding good Titles and Alt text and following the above practices, you can make your website more SEO friendly and help it get properly indexed under your website's content subject material.