Social media provides a free and easy way for you to communicate with your current and potential customers. It allows your company to consistently engage with its followers by posting creative content that encourages them to interact with you and your brand. 

As social media continues to grow as one of the main avenues of communication, top sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have implemented specific algorithms that dictate what you see at the top of you news feed. Facebook and Twitter now rank posts “that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people” as the most relevant. Those are the posts that will be at the top of your followers news feeds, making them the most likely to be seen. 

It is increasingly important to create and post engaging content and earn your followers attention to make them stop scrolling through their feed and comment, like, or share your post. Many companies miss the mark by developing a social voice that only goes one way and focusing solely on their company and their product. Instead, consider creating a flowing dialogue that encourages a conversation between your company and your followers. This will build trust and loyalty between your brand, and also boost your posts to the top of your followers news feeds.

Learn how to turn your followers into customers and become ambassadors for your business by checking out D3’s helpful tips on social engagement.

Improve your Social Media Engagement

Define your Goal

When developing your brand’s social media engagement strategy start with defining your goals. This means understanding what your brand is aiming to accomplish and what your followers stand to gain by engaging in a dialogue with you. Do you hope to alter your brand’s reputation? Are you trying to receive more feedback on products or services? Gain unique followers? Whatever your goals may be, establish them first, then build your strategy around them.

Start the Conversations

Social engagement is a long-term relationship with your followers. In any great relationship, someone initiates the conversation. With social relationships the customer reaching out may be the beginning of the relationship, however the bulk of conversation starting should come from your company. Keep followers interested by creating organic content such as; social polls, contests, blog posts, and videos

Promote Brand Enthusiasts

Show your followers that you’re interested in seeing their interactions with your brand. Encourage your followers to @mention your company, or use a branded hashtag to show off photos of your products/services/food, or otherwise enjoying your business. Create your own hashtag, use it, and encourage others to use it!

Jump on Current Events & Topical Subjects

Keep an eye on trending topics, events, and holidays. Using events in real-time is a great way to bring in new traffic and engage with your followers. Find a way to celebrate #TalkInAnElevatorDay or #NationalLemonadeDay. is a great resource for finding these days to talk about! 

Be Receptive

Respond in a timely manner to your current and potential customers! Show your followers that you want to engage with them by providing well thought out and timely responses. Even if engagements are negative, sincere responses and acknowledgement of their post goes a long way!

Now that you know how to effectively engage with your audience on social media, it’s time for you to try it out yourself! Contact us today for more information and start elevating your social platforms to the next level!