Their Story

If you’ve ever been on the Ocean City, MD Boardwalk, you’re probably familiar with Thrasher’s® French Fries. They don’t need much of an introduction with an iconic product and strong following since the first stand of the best tasting french fries was opened in 1929 by Mr. J.T. Thrasher. 

With an incredible history and outstanding reputation, it’s no surprise that Thrasher’s is a staple of Ocean City, MD. The company has only changed hands twice through five generations and 80 years. The current management has maintained the crispy goodness of the perfect french fry for the past 34 years, with the same ultimate goal as all the generations before them—a quality french fry with superior taste and appearance that can’t be beat.

Our Journey

As a local company, D3 is a fan of the delicious boardwalk french fries and understands Thrasher’s significance as a brand to locals and visitors alike. As we teamed up with the best french fries in the world, we knew they needed a website and marketing that showcases the iconic history and genius simplicity of their product. 

The Thrasher’s website was designed in 2020. The brand elements were incorporated with a fun and relaxed vibe to capture the essence of the beach staple. Our design team utilized graphics and vibrant imagery of Thrasher’s that speaks for itself. As lovers of Thrasher’s ourselves, we considered what their patrons would like to know, and we included that in the content. The website includes a timeline of Thrasher’s history throughout the years, as well as information about their cooking process and fun facts about the company. 

Screenshot of the Thrasher's home page website

Top Section of the Website Home Page

On social media, Thrasher’s loves to interact with followers and see everyone enjoying their french fries. We help Thrasher’s utilize user-generated content through reposts and engagement because the customers are at the forefront of the brand, and that’s what makes it such a success. 

Instagram post of a dog and thrasher's  Facebook post from thrasher's

Instagram & Facebook Post from Thrasher's

Many marketing campaigns have been successful by partnering with other local businesses like Jolly Roger®, Boardwalk Hotel Group®, and Explore OC Super Deals. Additionally, our contest marketing campaigns help Thrasher’s engage with their customers and increase their email database. D3 manages and maintains the email database of loyal french fry lovers.

Facebook and Google ads are used to run these contests. Last year, one of the contests was for free Thrasher’s® French Fries for a year, as well as the "Thrasher's Boardwalk Block" contest, where users were offered a chance to win a stay at Boardwalk Hotel Group, tickets to Jolly Roger® at the Pier, and gift cards to boardwalk favorites like Ripleys, Kohr Bros, and Dolles.

Thrasher's facebook ad
Facebook Ad

Thrasher's google ad for a contest

Google Ad

Combined with these other efforts, we work to keep Thrasher’s top of mind year-round. This is accomplished by running YouTube ads for brand awareness. While it’s not hard for Thrasher’s® French Fries to sell themselves there’s always room to take it to the next level!

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