Their Story

Staples & Associates is a well-known, full-service insurance agency that specializes in both personal and commercial lines of insurance. They assist clients in Salisbury, MD; Harrington, DE; and, most recently, from their new location in Bethesda, MD. The goal of Staples Insurance is to develop long-term relationships with clients by providing customized insurance plans to cover every need and exposure they may face. 

With an agency that covers multiple geographical areas and assists with many different lines of insurance, their website and online presence needed to reflect the same care and attention they provide their client relationships. D3 was ready for the challenge. 

Our Journey

One of the most helpful additions to the website was D3’s ADA compliance tool. It was added to enhance accessibility and create a higher quality user experience. Site users are able to make accessibility adjustments to suit their needs on each page of the site, and daily scans are conducted by the tool to ensure the website meets ADA compliance. Some of the options include content adjustments, color, and orientation adjustments. Click the blue-button on the bottom left of the site to try it out!


D3 also helped Staples & Associates capture the attention of their online audience and showcase their skills by adding testimonial videos to their website. These videos primarily highlighted the commercial insurance side of their business and were also used as promotional assets in Facebook Ad campaigns.


In addition, to redefine the website, landing pages for their services and specific locations were added for a more user-friendly feel and a wider reach. For example, landing pages for the Delaware location were created to improve overall SEO and reach those location-specific clients. The content was more relevant and representative of the services Staples Insurance offers. Interactive graphics were also included, adding a unique way to showcase more information. 



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