Their Story

Bob Yesbek, well known as the Rehoboth Foodie, is a popular food critic residing in Rehoboth Beach. His platform serves as a resource for locals and visitors alike, looking for the best places to eat. In a beach resort town, competition is high for restaurants. Yesbek strives to promote Rehoboth Beach dining with an honest and impartial review of local eateries so that his readers know exactly how to answer the question, “where’s a good place in town to eat?”

Our Journey

Rehoboth Foodie started its journey with D3 in May of 2014. The process of email marketing kicked off while their new website was being built. The new site design included an email sign-up form to generate add subscribers and start a database of email recipients. 

The campaign has been very successful! When the bi-monthly email newsletter began in 2014, the Rehoboth Foodie database of email recipients consisted of about 2,400 emails, with a 17.72% open rate and 3.68% click rate. In 2022, the recipient count increased to 7,784, with an impressive open rate of 47.16% and a 22.99% click rate!


The Rehoboth Foodie Digest email template was created to pull content directly from the site into the template automatically. Some of that content includes recent stories and reviews, as well as direct access to the site navigation and other pages. 



Example Email Template

Rehoboth Foodie and D3 have worked together to create a successful email marketing process that has far exceeded the industry averages for email marketing which are only an 18.08% open rate and 0.80% click rate for blogging. When you pair fantastic content with a solid strategy, success is inevitable!

"Sixteen years ago when I started I had no idea how busy the site would become. My ‘do-it-yourself’ design became more and more difficult to manage as I added info and features. I asked D3 for a complete revamp of the site. The design was incredibly user-friendly and clever - and they even added features that I hadn't thought of myself! 

The same thing applies to the email marketing system that D3 put into place for me. Since D3 revamped it, the email system looks great (their design team is very creative!), and the mechanism that selects the posts to be emailed has worked flawlessly. The personal service has spoiled us for anyone else!

Thank you, D3!”

Testimonial from Bob Yesbek

Here’s to more years of good eats!