We all want to be liked; it’s human nature. Some of us prefer to have a smaller social circle, while others want a large group of friends. Regardless of the number of friends we have in our personal lives, the more Facebook friends your business has, the better. That’s because Facebook has become a pay-to-play platform and has dramatically reduced the amount of posts it shows your followers for free. In fact, some estimate that only 2-3% of your fans see your posts organically (i.e., for free). One way to increase your reach without paying for it is to grow your facebook audience.

Here are two simple, FREE ways to get more Page Likes:

1. Invite your email contacts to like your Facebook business page

image04.pngYour personal and professional email contacts are a great source of potential new page likes because they already have a relationship with you and your brand. To invite your email contacts to like your Facebook page, hover over “More” underneath your cover photo. image02.png Then, select “Suggest Page” from the drop-down menu. A pop-up box will appear with a list of options to use to import your email contacts. From there, you can upload a file or choose your email service and follow the on-screen suggestions. Or, you can send a .csv file of your email contacts to D3Corp and we can upload it for you so long as we have admin access to your business Facebook page. Facebook allows you to upload a maximum of 5,000 contacts at a time, with a limit of 7,000 contacts per day.


2. Invite people who like your posts to like your page

image03.pngYou may be wondering how people are able to like your post without liking your page. It’s because business pages on Facebook are public, which means that if a friend interacts with your post or shares it, it shows up in their Newsfeed or Activity Feed. As a result of seeing your content, they showed their interest by liking your post, making them a qualified lead and more receptive to a personal invitation from you to like your page.

image01.pngTo invite these people to like your page, you need to be logged into the personal Facebook account that you used to set up your business page. Then, under each post, click on the link of people who liked it. This will show you a summary of everyone who liked your post and whether they currently like your page, have already been invited to like your page, or can be invited to like your page. Remember, the invitation will come from your personal Facebook account, so if you’d prefer to remain anonymous, D3Corp can do it on your behalf so long as we have admin access to your business Facebook page.