In this day in age, technology has made advertising simple, effective, and affordable. Although there are numerous platforms for advertising, Email Marketing is still one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing in the history of the business.

As the switch from desktop to mobile-friendly advertising has taken over, email marketing is just as--if not more--relevant on mobile devices.

75% of the almost-billion Gmail users access their email through mobile!

Build Your Database

Between Wifi Systems, website forms, contests, previous customer information, and other marketing efforts, there are so many ways to collect emails to build your database.

Market to Specific Audiences

Choose who you are targeting with a specific message. Send a ‘Thank You’ to those who stayed in your hotel within the past month. Remind those who have signed into your onsite WiFi to come back for Happy Hour!

Don’t sound like a robot: talk to your customers! Through a personalized, specified message and email subject line, they are much more likely to open and engage with your email.

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