Instagram as a Marketing Platform

We all find ourselves mindlessly scrolling through Instagram throughout the day. Businesses and companies now market their products and services through Instagram as it’s become such a widely used platform. While paid advertising is a great approach to reach a wide audience and a large number of potential customers, it’s really important to focus on your following and organic reach, too.

Near the end of 2018, Instagram added the ability to add ‘alt text’ to your photos. This alt text can be read by screen readers to assist those with visual impairments. Essentially, it’s another way to improve accessibility for users.

Reach a Wider Audience

With the addition of alt text, you’re avoiding the possibility of alienating any portion of your customer base. Your posts can now reach--and have a successful impact on--the estimated 285 million people worldwide who are considered visually impaired.

Additionally, you can go back to previously posted photos on your account and add Alt Text to those. Alt Text throughout your profile can also help improve your SEO. Read more!