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At D3 Corp we have been experimenting with a variety of different webcams that are strategically placed around the Ocean City area. The response when posting our webcam footage to social platforms has been so significant that we want to share our experiences with those of you who may not know we offer this service.

You can use webcams in a variety of different ways some of which include:

Live Streaming

With a live stream, you are able to transmit or receive live video of any event whether it is a weather event, something exciting happening to your business or even just seeing what type of traffic you receive. It is different than other types of interactions with your consumer base due to its unrestricted nature. Your footage can be as long and as personal as you want it to be! It also provides your user base with a sense of urgency because it is a “limited time offer” sort of thing due to the content always changing.This is in turn what makes it so rich and desirable to your viewers along with the fact that it is informative in a variety of different ways.  Overall live streaming is a great marketing mechanism to use if you want your business to focus on branding in the ever-expanding virtual world.

Take Time-Lapse Sequences

This is a type of photography technique whereby the frame rate is much lower than that used to view the sequence, so when played at normal speed, it appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing. With this method of filming, you are able to capture events happening over hours, days, weeks, or even months! So in today’s world when there is but so much time to capture a viewer’s attention, this is a great way to get people interested quickly! This is because processes that typically occur very subtly, end up coming to life when your sequence is set into motion.

A great example of one of our most recent successes with time-lapse sequences was during Cyclone Bomb Grayson. We posted three of these onto our Facebook page which included Boardwalk footage from before, during, and after the storm. As a result, we had a multiple record-breaking responses. Not only did we receive 48,531 views combined but we were able to generate a lot of traffic to our webcam site, In just one day the site brought in an outstanding 30,000 views!


Snapshot Photos

Many of you may use the screenshot feature on your phone, which is very similar to snapshot photos in the webcam world. A snapshot is popularly defined as a photograph that is shot spontaneously and quickly. It gives your user base a piece of information that immediately gives an idea of what the situation is like at a certain time.  These are what some people consider the “in-between moments” that are the most natural. This is a great way to tease your audience before posting something in its entirety.

The time-lapse footage below was downloaded from one of our webcams in October. Someone had randomly drawn a giant heart on the beach which made for awesome content to post on our Instagram page and generated an unexpected amount of user interaction.


Monitoring Your Business

With webcams, it is very easy to monitor not only what happens inside your business, but outside as well. Depending on the way you angle your camera, you will be able to see a real-time update of the traffic, weather, and events going on inside or around your business from a remote location! Then, of course, this is always a great way to begin addressing any security concerns you may face.

Weather & Traffic Updates

Webcams, again, are great for giving your user base an idea of what to expect when they come within range of your business. Not everyone lives locally to you and therefore it is super convenient to use the cam as a planning tool to view roads or weather conditions prior to making a trip to your location. It is a great tool for your regulars and new customers alike as it provides an added convenience to visiting your business at a time they can deem appropriate. Not to mention, it also provides more content for your social platforms that will significantly expand your reach and generate user engagement.


All in all, webcams provide very meaningful content to viewers which in turn will help expand your audience. That is valuable because every business owner knows; a wider audience means more potential to turn those individuals into paid customers. For this benefit alone, it is a great idea to think about how you can start setting up your own camera. For more information and/or a starting point for your webcam journey contact our office at (410) 213-2400.


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