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Google defines public relations as "the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person." But what does that really mean? We define Public Relations, or PR, as your business's relationship with your public. Relationship is the keyword here. It cannot be bought through advertisements or curated through press releases sent to the local newspaper. Whether through traditional media, social media, or other channels or communication, your company's relationship is formed when your business communicates with your audience through trusted sources, not just paid platforms.

Public relations is engagement, it's relationships with lead players in your community. Partnering with community professionals such as business leaders, educators or local dignitaries helps to frame your business's position within your community. Public relations should be a layer of your marketing plan, working together with other elements such as email marketing, social media efforts, PPC advertising, and more to reach common goals and objectives.

Having a public relations strategy is imperative for your business. When you have a plan in place, you're able to continue business as usual in the face of a crisis, however many don't realize the value of public relations before it's too late.

Good & Bad PR - And Why You Need the Good for the Bad

A good public relations strategy begins by proactively establishing an image for your company with a singular voice that declares who your company is and what it stands for. Building your company's image doesn't have to be difficult and it's free when you capitalize on authentic and organic content. Showcasing a charity that you support, or converting positive customer testimonials into a marketing campaign, is one way to proactively build a portfolio of good work your company has done to fall back on in an emergency. Having "good PR" is essential, it gives potential clients and current customers a reason to choose your company over the competition, yet more importantly, it provides your business with a solid foundation in the event of a crisis. Continue reading to learn how.

Bad public relations, on the other hand, is reactionary. It's after the public has spoken out against your business; it's after a lawsuit has been filed or after a group has decided to boycott your business because of a misstep or misunderstanding. You cannot control what the public says about your company, however, you can control how your business handles the public and the media in the event of a crisis situation.

"When something negative happens, it's important for your company to have a solid foundation of the good things you've done. Build a positive reputation early on and develop a plan so you can continue business as usual in the middle of a crisis."
- Jenni Pastusak, Director of Public Relations


Why Does Your Business Need a Strong Public Relations Plan?

The best time to handle a crisis is before it happens. How do you do that?

When you wait until your company is in the middle of a crisis to respond, your responses are likely to be delivered incompletely and ineffectively. Without a plan, key players of your organization will find themselves scrambling to combat the negative PR that they are receiving and will often stumble to regain the support of the community. Assessing your vulnerabilities now will have a big payoff when your business finds itself fighting for survival in the wake of a crisis.

If you don't anticipate potential crises and prepare for them, you are setting your company up for potential disaster.


Review Your Public Relations Strategy with An Expert!

For the month of September, D3Corp is offering a Free Consultation with our Director of PR, Jenni Pastusak. At D3, we understand that when you're busy running a business, establishing a public relations strategy can fall to the wayside.

"We help you think about the things that you're not thinking about."
- Jenni Pastusak, Director of Public Relations

Contact us today and allow our seasoned Director of Public Relations to assist you in evaluating your vulnerabilities and overview your company's PR goals and needs. During your half-hour session, we will give you tips and scenarios to help you determine the best practices for your business.

Offer valid through September 30, 2019. To schedule an appointment, call 410-213-2400, or email us at

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