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Have you done any online shopping lately?

Even just clicking through websites to compare prices? Perhaps you toyed with the idea of getting a snowblower a few days ago and now that same snowblower seems to miraculously pop up everywhere across the web. Coincidence? Not quite. What’s at play is remarketing. Remarketing allows businesses to target users who have visited their website in hopes of bringing people back to convert them into a sale (or in other cases, ‘converting’ a user can mean an email signup, form submission, phone call, or newsletter subscription).

From a user or customer standpoint, remarketing can help tip the scales on a purchase by reminding you of your abandoned shopping cart or by calling attention to the business you were researching last week. From a business owner’s standpoint, remarketing provides you with a targeted approach for retaining prospective clients.

Why is Remarketing Important?

  • 96% will leave a website without converting
  • 49% typically visit a site two to four times before they actually make a purchase.
  • 70% abandon shopping carts without purchasing


It stands to reason that remarketing can become just as valuable as the original marketing efforts that you put forth to direct traffic to your site. Just as you market to clients in order to get them to your website, you also want to remarket to bring those same visitors back to your site, and ideally, convert them. Better yet, you’ll know that you are targeting customers who have already indicated an interest in your company, helping you to avoid wasted time on disinterested customers. Remarketing is designed to specifically target the users who have previously visited your site by having your ads appear in their searches across the web.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can increase your web traffic, convert more users, and target potential customers with your own targeted remarketing efforts.


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