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Walking the Fine Line in Logo Design

Your logo and your brand go hand and hand, making a lasting impression on customers. When it comes to logo design, there is a fine line between remaining consistent and holding on to a dated logo that has become stale. To ensure brand recognition, your logo doesn’t necessarily have to stay static over time, but that doesn’t mean you should jump ship and completely abandon aspects of your logo that your customers have come to know and love. Even minor tweaks and subtle changes can yield major results. Changes to font, style, color and imaging have the power to transform your entire brand. However, the question remains; what constitutes a strong logo redesign?

Let’s take a look at the changes to the Best Western logo over the years:

History of Best Western's Logo's


What remains consistent through their logo redesigns is the iconic crown. Since 1962, customers have come to associate the Best Western crown with the Best Western brand. That is until their most recent iteration:

Best Western Logo


Notice something missing? So did we – the Best Western crown! While the new logo takes a more modern approach, incorporating sleek design and fonts, in the process they have completely distanced themselves from their old (and highly recognizable) logo. Will customers look to the white ‘BW’ letters inside a blue circle and think, ‘ah yes, Best Western!’ The answer is no.

One of the major factors to consider during a logo re-design or even during an initial logo design is your current and target audience. A successful logo design adheres to the original aesthetic draw of your logo while simultaneously enhancing your design with a few modern touches. In this case, Best Western should have taken into consideration the fact that for over forty years, customers have become accustomed to certain aspects of their logos. Were they wrong to undergo a re-design? Or course not. Did they go a few steps too far by completely overhauling their logo? Our team of experts would say yes. Ask yourself how recognizable your current logo is? How strongly is your customer base attached to your logo? If so, what are the elements that should remain? And finally, what is your target audience and what are their tastes?

From major design overhauls to minor tweaks and adjustments, logo re-design is a complex and powerful tool for marketing your brand exactly as you envision it. Approach your logo the way you would any other business decision, with a targeted endgame in mind. At D3Corp, our talented team of designers can not only help you create an effective logo for businesses, but we can also take you current logo and provide you with a fresh version that maintains the recognizable elements that speak to your customer.

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