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Videos and Imagery can make or break a website.

Through various platforms on the internet like your webpage, social accounts, and email messages, your reputation now relies heavily on your visual representation.

Video and Photo Today

Each day, there are 5 billion videos watched on YouTube. On Facebook alone, 100 million hours of video are watched each day. In email, video leads to an increase of 200-300% in click-through rates.

When you create a page for your website, including video can increase your conversions by up to 80%.

Did you know? 95 Million images are uploaded to Instagram each day. It's important to have quality images to populate your social accounts.

Let D3 Help Create Your Visual Library!

Let us help collect creative content and enhance your visual presence.

The number one complaint we hear from marketing clients is that they do not have enough visual content to utilize. That's where we can come into play!

It can be a lot for a company or business to stay on top of building a library of images and video. D3 takes on the role of gathering and collecting the creative for this library, and can manage it for future use.

You do what you do best: Run your Business.

We do what we do best: Collect creative visual content and put it to use strategically.

When is the best time to collect visual content?

Now! With warm weather, sunny skies, and the beginning of a busy season, now is the ideal opportunity to build your library with content to use throughout the upcoming months.

Of course, it's never a bad idea to build up your library, but this current season is one you wont' want to pass up. Spring and early summer are prime times for gathering imagery and video footage that can be used all summer long, and into the following seasons.

Update Your Google Tour & Save $100

This month, we are offering a $100 discount for your business's Google Tour! Google Tours are another great way to portray your business online and give customers a way to see your business through video.

Get in touch with us today for more information on our professional photography and videography services, and to learn how you can save $100 on your Google Tour!

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