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Your company's social media presence is only as strong as the engagement that it receives from your followers.

What is Engagement?

Engagement is how your followers interact with your brand to build trust and loyalty.

This can be through simple actions such as a retweet, Facebook interaction, or Instagram favorite, or something more involved such as comments, shares, replies, click-throughs, and even purchases.

Why You Need Engagement

Many social media users sit idly, following brands without interacting with them. These passive followers do not generate leads or convert into sales. Having thousands of followers is just not enough anymore. You need actively engaged followers to turn those numbers into sales.

So how can you boost your social media engagement? Contests!

Contests are a unique and fun way to boost social interaction among your followers. Reward your online community by offering prizes through your social media platforms, and see how your followers generate excitement over your brand through comments, likes and shares. A well-designed online contest has the power to turn passive followers into ambassadors for your brand and even customers.

Social media contests are also a great way to replenish your email lists! Even if you have a large following, people unsubscribe all the time. It's crucial to your business that you keep your list fresh.

What are Social Contests?

It's the rule of reciprocation; when you give something of value to your followers, they will connect and engage with your brand. That includes sharing your posts and encouraging their friends and family to do the same. In return you will improve your brand's reputation as well as grow your following.

There are many types of contests that you can use to generate leads and your boost social engagement. Among the most popular of these are comment-based, user-generated, and voting.

Comment-Based: If your goal is to increase your followers, comment based contests often return the best engagement ratio. It's easy for your followers to take part in as it only takes seconds for them to comment on your post. In return, your post receives greater visibility in social media feeds.

User-Generated: User-generated content is a great way to increase brand awareness, as well as gather content from your fans, which ultimately can be used to achieve your marketing goals. The most common form of user-generated content is photos. Instagram is a great platform for this. Encourage your followers to engage by posting their own original picture, create a hashtag for them to tag your brand in, and choose a winner by random.

Voting: Everyone has an opinion and this includes your followers. Encourage your followers to share their opinions by running a voting competition. This is also a great way to interact with your followers and generate more leads. All it takes is a simple click or tap and your followers are instantly engaged with not only your post, but your brand. This also helps to build new product awareness and gives you insights to what your followers are truly looking for.

Running Your Contest

The most important part of your contest is making sure that your strategy matches your goals. Your primary goal might be to increase website traffic, build your email list, market an upcoming product or service, or even to just collect feedback to improve your product quality. It is also important to understand your target audience and who you want to speak to. Create your ideal audience in your head, what they like to do and what challenges come with them.

Make sure that your followers understand the contest rules and expectations on your end and theirs. If your followers know when, where and how a winner is chosen, it will give them more trust in your brand and ultimately help build lead generation and brand awareness. Be sure that your posts are frequent and dynamic, you want your followers to be aware of the contest, as well as updated with the progress.

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