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Email Marketing is one of the most popular, cost-effective ways to send a message to a large audience. You can reach hundreds of thousands of people with just the click of a button. With that in mind, it's important to have engaging, creative content. This starts with the subject line.

Enhance Your Message

Why put time and effort into the body of an email if no one is going to open it? Your email subject line must be creative and grab the attention of your audience.

It is also important to consider what device most of your audience will be receiving and opening the email on. A majority of people use their email primarily or solely on their mobile phone. This means your subject line has to be a lot shorter in order to show up on a mobile device.


Our Email Marketing Tips

1. Always Include a "Call to Action"
Encourage your recipient to act by visiting your site, purchasing an item, registering for an event, etc.

2. Keep it "Above the Fold"
This refers to the placement of your most important information at the top third of a letter-sized page so it is read first.

3. Keep it Simple
Keep your message focused and concise. Most people spend less than 20 seconds scanning marketing emails. Avoid lengthy paragraphs. If you have a lot of information to share, use Read More links.

4. Quality, Not Quantity
This applies to every aspect of an email, from images to font faces to body copy. Use impactful, high-quality images, avoid using more than 3 fonts or font colors, and cut your text down to the absolute essentials.

Keep your customers informed and up-to-date. Get in touch with us today to get started on your email marketing template design!


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