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In the summer of 1933, while Ocean City was enjoying the splendor of being a quaint Maryland seaside resort, a great hurricane pounded the small town with strong winds, heavy rains and angry seas. The Atlantic Ocean poured over the streets and merged with the Sinepuxent Bay completely flooding the downtown area leaving destruction in its wake. The storm surge retreated and the water rushing out of the bay created a new inlet at the south end of town between Ocean City and what is now Assateague Island. Soon after, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers fortified this new inlet making it permanent and Ocean City quickly became a destination for fisherman from far and wide. With this new ease of access to the Atlantic Ocean and bountiful fishing just miles from shore, Ocean City soon became known as The White Marlin Capital of the World.

Throughout the years, Ocean City has continued to be referred to as The White Marlin Capital of the World, but has evolved into one of the most prolific fishing industries in the entire world.

The offshore fishing accessible from Ocean City is some of the best, most exciting fishing on Earth. All sorts of pelagic species of fish including sharks, wahoo, dolphin, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, bigeye tuna, blue marlin and the ever popular white marlin are attainable from any number of charter boats docked at many of the most beautiful and accommodating marina facilities on the East Coast. But if offshore fishing is not in your taste, or perhaps your budget, than Ocean City also offers some of the finest inshore fishing available anywhere. Several Ocean head boats and inshore charter boats troll and bottom fish the nearshore Atlantic and back bays of Ocean City for inshore species such as flounder, rockfish, bluefish, croaker, trout, mackerel, sea bass and tautog….just to name a few. Or if you’d like to try your fishing luck on your own, rental boats and rental fishing equipment are available at local marinas and you can surf fish from Assateague Island or Ocean City’s beautiful beaches, or you can experience terrific fishing from any of the free, public piers found throughout the resort.

So you don’t fish, but you want to see them? Well Ocean City is home to some of the most highly regarded tournaments in the entire world including the largest tuna tournament in the U.S., The Ocean City Tuna Tournament and the world’s largest billfish tournament, The White Marlin Open. There are also many other tournaments for anglers of all ages and skill levels that target many different species from April through December. Whether you’re fishing or spectating, the anticipation at the marinas during the tournament season can be electrifying as fortunes hang in the balance of the scales.

No matter what your fishing thirst may be, Ocean City has something that can quench it. Whether it’s the excitement of catching your first white marlin in the deep of the Atlantic or relaxing on a pier anticipating your first bite, Ocean City, Maryland has all of the colors for you to paint the perfect fishing memory.


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D3 took my vision of and designed a beautiful, accessible, comprehensive website complete with content aspects that I originally did not think of. D3’s print department helped design and lay out my Fish in OC fishing planner which has become a popular resource for fishing and tourism information in Ocean City, MD. went from seeing 500-800 visits a month to seeing over 15,000 visits a month after the new version from D3 was unveiled. In a popular Google search for “ocean city maryland fishing report”, my fishing report, the Daily Angle started on page 9 in March of 2015, it currently lands on page 1 of the same search. My fishing planner increased 50% from 40 pages to 60 pages, my distribution increased 50% from 20,000 copies to 30,000 copies and my advertising revenue for Fish in OC almost doubled. I believe all of this is directly attributed to the success and popularity of my planner and website.

The staff at D3 are some of the best people that I have ever worked with. Their response time is very good for requests and edits, and they are extremely courteous and helpful. I have terrific relationships with all of my contacts at D3. D3 is one of the best things that could have happened to Fish in OC.

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