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The Combsberry Inn is a historic bed and breakfast located on the water in Oxford, MD. The Inn was using Hubspot to host and maintain their website, as well as gather leads. When the Inn came to D3Corp in 2014, they had been using the same website design from 2009. Being historic and right on the water, the Inn is picturesque however; the website featured extremely small, low-quality images and not a single call to action. The blog on the website was only updated a handful of times per year. SEO included on the website mentioned the names of nearby inns in an attempt to show up in the same search engine results as their competitors. You would have never known from looking at their existing website that the Inn hosted stunning weddings and touted a beautiful, rustic barn as one of the optional wedding venues on premises.

The Inn was experiencing low bookings and turned to D3Corp for our insight and expertise. The Combsberry Inn came on board as a full-service marketing client. As a full-service marketing client, the Combsberry Inn enlisted D3Corp’s help to redesign the website, including tasking D3Corp with sending a team of photographers to gain the high-quality imagery the new site required. In addition, D3Corp was charged with completely rewriting the SEO for the new site, along with assistance optimizing their social media presence, and content creation for multiple blog posts. Finally, D3Corp initiated a Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, as well as an email marketing campaign. The first step in the process was to create the website.


Combsberry Inn

What We Did

Aggregated Timeline
image of Combsberry Inn
image of Combsberry Inn

Concept & Design

The new website design features large, high-resolution images that capture the essence of the Combsberry Inn. An entire page is dedicated to large images of stunning weddings they’ve hosted, along with the addition of a gallery – titled Outside the Inn – to showcase their pristine property. A ‘stories’ page was added to display the numerous times that the Inn has been featured in publications or popular wedding blogs – publications such as the Washingtonian, Huffington Post, and Style Me Pretty. The new website design also includes a blog page, complete with large imagery and carefully worded posts to further entice viewers and reflect the Combsberry brand.

image of Combsberry Inn


It was explained to the client that their website traffic would not skyrocket immediately; this would be an ongoing process of tweaking SEO, content, and PPC keywords. D3Corp accessed their existing Google Analytics account so that we could monitor their traffic and analyze their progress. The new website was launched in November 2014. We began by writing two blog posts per month and then increased that to four per month – focusing on keyword-heavy content. We also shared all the blog posts we wrote to their Facebook and Google+ pages to help increase social engagement and build their following. We created a Pinterest page for the Inn and set up multiple boards to focus on the different aspects of their business. We created listings for the Inn on various local associations’ websites and popular wedding-planning websites. We also created their first PPC campaigns to promote their rates and wedding venues. We also added Google Event Tracking to their website to keep tabs on how many people were going to their reservations engine from the website.

image of Combsberry Inn

Email Marketing

Additionally, we recently created an email marketing campaign for the Innkeeper to send to brides that have decided to book their wedding elsewhere that contains a survey so they can compile data on why brides are choosing other venues. This campaign has not been launched, yet, however we feel it will provide valuable insight on how to book more weddings at the Inn.

image of Combsberry Inn

Mobile Culture

The new website is also mobile friendly which is reflected in the Google Analytics. The number of visits to the Combsberry Inn’s website from a mobile device have increased 143% over the past year. This is imperative since 91% of adults have their mobile phones within an arm’s reach 24/7 and 85% of the world’s population has used the internet to make a purchase.

Recent Update

November 30, 2015 Update: The following results have been observed after D3Corp’s first year of partnership with the Combsberry Inn.

When comparing the Google Analytics of the year since D3Corp has taken over maintaining the website to the year prior to D3Corp redesigning the website, overall the number of visits to the website, number of visitors to the website, and number of pages viewed on the website have all increased. However, the average time spent on the website and the bounce rate have slightly decreased. These numbers are not uncommon on a website with a blog, as many viewers will come to the website just to read the blog articles. When looking at the new visitor vs. returning visitor data, the number of returning visitors has increased which signifies an increase in brand loyalty.