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Browser Compatibility

At D3Corp, we are consistently striving to ensure that both our clients and their users have the best web experience, including premium browser compatibility. In an effort to maintain modern web practices, we will no longer be utilizing IE7. Aligning IE7 with our modern web development practices takes time and energy, both of which are better spent on innovating and creating the best user experience for our users and yours.

Here are some facts that helped us make this decision:

  • We want all of our users to experience our websites in a uniform, optimal way. Getting IE7 to play nice with our modern web development practices takes time and energy to fix, tweak, and balance our styles to play nice with all browsers.
  • Web giants like Google and Facebook dropped IE7 support as well — Google, in fact, only supports browsers two versions back!
  • Numerous security flaws have been exploited in older browsers like IE7.
  • If you upgrade to IE 8 or later, or switch to Chrome, Safari or Firefox, you’ll be able to let the browser update itself. This will ensure you’ll stay on top of web standards and always have the best browsing experience.
  • We’ll also display a friendly reminder for users of unsupported browsers to upgrade.

Here are some helpful links to get you started:

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