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Every time you post, comment, thank, and otherwise interact with your followers on social media, you are using your so called "Social Voice". A Social Voice is the overall defining sound for your brand personality. It's the human element of your brand and it is created by naturally engaging with your followers.

Your social voice is the framework of your content. Everything from your social posts to the content on your website should sound like it came from your brand and your brand alone. It’s vital to establish a consistent and structured voice as your followers will build upon their impression of your brand every time you interact with them online.

Why Does your Brand Need a Unique Voice?

Establishing a consistent Social Voice can take your marketing efforts from mediocre to amazing! Developing a voice that is unique to your brand will build your reputation and can motivate your following to do the marketing for you. Sounds too good to believe? It works like this: when your customers are charmed by both your content and your voice, they often return with positive feedback for your company. This can be in the form of their positive reviews, creating new organic content, or positive word-of-mouth. All of which delivers your message and reaches current and potential customers with real feedback that they can trust.


Ways to Develop your Social Voice

How do you find the perfect voice to target your followers? Start to develop your Social Voice by examining your brand's Culture, Community, and Conversation.

Culture: To define your brand culture you must evaluate the qualities that make your brand special. What does your company stand for? What do you talk about? What matters to you? These are all components of your brand's personality and can be used as elements of inspiration for developing your online voice.

Community: Listen to your followers and speak their language! When you listen to how your online community speaks, you're getting a guideline on how you should speak to them. Using the same dialect and tone as your followers helps build trust and familiarity, making it easier for them to feel comfortable engaging with you.

Conversation: Determine what you have to offer to the community with your Social Voice! When you define what your brand can add to the conversation, you can see more clearly where your Social Voice will fit in.

Another helpful way to develop your Social Voice is to focus on your desired brand-follower relationship style (coach, teacher, friend), and then focus on adjectives that define that relationship. Adjectives like 'informative', 'motivational', and 'witty' can define your voice and set the tone for how you interact with your following going forward.

Examples of Great Voices in Social Marketing

Calm: Calm is an app for meditation, relaxation, and sleep. Their adjectives are 'soothing', 'inspirational', and of course, 'calm'.

Taco Bell: Taco Bell is a fast-food restaurant, however, you already know that. Instead of trying to constantly push their product, Taco Bell uses their Social Voice to engage in fun and witty conversations with their followers.

Mint: Mint is an app that helps you manage your finances, your credit score and gives helpful tips on budgeting. Mint exercises their voice to be helpful, personable, and compassionate with their followers.

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