What’s your go-to music or podcast streaming method? Many users are now using YouTube as their first choice when listening to their favorite songs or podcasts. The traditionally video-focused site is now seeing an uptick in users that are consuming audio-centric content - meaning that there’s an emerging group of users who are now listening via their headphones or speakers instead of watching on the screen. 

How are YouTube ads keeping up with this change? Insert audio ads! If you’re a listener of Spotify, Pandora, or any podcast streaming app, you’re already familiar with the audio ad formula; a voiceover delivers the message while an image or simple animation is displayed on the screen. With YouTube now jumping on the wagon, many advertisers now have the opportunity to create new, engaging, audio-based content.

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The D3 Take - What Does This Mean for You? 

Many business owners already know that as the second largest search engine, YouTube has a tremendous reach. Audio ads open up a new opportunity on a platform that people are already spending a lot of time on. How can your business benefit? After months of testing, YouTube found that more than 75% of measured audio ad campaigns drove a significant lift in brand awareness

While the platform emphasizes that audio ads are best fit for music channels, there may be significant potential for other audiences. As audio ads will be streamed during podcasts, as well as music, there’s great potential to reach an audience that’s interested in your business. For example, people listening to travel podcasts may be a great audience for your resort or destination. Those listening to podcasts centered around financial decisions and homeownership could be perfect for your service-based business (especially if you’re offering a discount). 

The potential is out there -what’s your id3a?