Yelp is making necessary changes to support the way that businesses are operating and customers are ordering. The platform is expanding its popular Waitlist feature to now support businesses that serve take-out. Restaurant hosts or managers can now enter takeout orders in the app, with information such as whether the order was submitted online or via phone, and what type of car the patron has to facilitate curbside pickup, as well as allow the restaurants to text a customer when their order is ready. 

Additionally, Yelp for Business now offers their customers enhanced analytics. This gives owners of multiple locations new insight on how individual locations are fairing, how they match up to other locations, and how their brand is performing as a whole. This helps owners and managers. 

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The D3 Take

It’s no secret that during the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants have worked exceptionally hard to adhere to social distancing guidelines and mandates at a moment’s notice. These businesses have been challenged to keep patrons and staff safe and healthy in order to keep their doors open. 

What makes Yelp’s new upgrades so fantastic is that restaurants that serve take-out are able to reduce the amount of traffic coming inside their stores while customers are waiting for their orders to be ready. This can help small businesses alleviate concerns about overcapacity issues and allow them to serve as many guests as possible for dine-in and take-out while staying safe and adhering to national, state, and local mandates. 

In addition, the expanded view can help restaurant owners and marketers be sure that they’re investing their focus and efforts in the right places. If there’s one location that is outperforming the rest, owners are now able to see that and dive into what makes one different from the rest. 


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