Turn Free WiFi at Your Restaurant or Hotel into Leads & Revenue.

“Do you have Free WiFi?” Nowadays, this is a very common question to hear in establishments such as restaurants or hotels.

Whether a family is out to eat snapping photos and uploading to Facebook, or a couple checks into a hotel for a few nights and need to work from a mobile device, everyone always seems to be on the hunt for free internet connections. To avoid using cellular data, consumers connect to wireless internet at any chance they get.

Why WiFi?

Capture guest data by requiring them to sign in through Facebook or provide an email address or mobile phone number to access your WiFi. Build guest profiles, and market to your true clientele! Utilize data collected through your WiFi to obtain more positive reviews, send automated messages based on behavior, track your visitors, and even send digital coupons.

Gather phone numbers for your next SMS campaign, Birthday data for sending your loyal customers rewards on their special day, or choose from customizable options for exactly what you want to collect.

Don’t let this perfect opportunity to collect your customer’s data slip through the cracks...

There are more mobile phones in the world than people. Use our mobile WiFi connections to grow your database, increase loyalty, and ensure revenue! You can integrate your current marketing efforts, or begin a whole new campaign and plan. 

The best part? The WiFi is maintenance free. Once it is set up, we handle the rest as you sit back and watch the data come flowing in.

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