Do you know what happens on the internet every minute? Online activity is ever-changing year after year. People are spending more time on mobile apps, spending more money online than in physical stores, and generally spending more time working and communicating from home. 

Take a look at the infographic above to see a measure of the time people spend online and what they do with it. Some of the results are expected, but others may surprise you. Many platforms you may not use as often can be extremely influential and impactful.

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D3 Take

While looking at the infographic above, ask yourself: “Where does my brand’s audience spend most of their time?” When marketing your business and brand, it’s crucial to understand who your target audience is and how to reach them. Online activity can change and expand rapidly. Be diligent about where you position your business, and be mindful of the platforms you’re using. 

There are more relevant platforms out there than you might think! Learning to step outside the box and use the resources available to you is valuable and can give you a competitive advantage. Stay on top of your target market and reach your audience where they are. We recommend reevaluating the best ways to reach your audience at least once every year through tools like Google Analytics. 

What does your online presence say about you? Something as simple as an active presence on your audience’s favorite social platform can be enough to make or break their ability to acknowledge your brand. Not sure where to start? D3 is here to help market your brand efficiently and effectively so you can stand out online where it matters most!