Is print obsolete? Not in this digital world! While digital marketing strategies remain increasingly important, they have not yet dethroned the tried and true power of print marketing. In fact, print still remains vitally important for the messages that your business needs to communicate with your audience. 

How has print remained relevant, you ask? The powers that seemed to be working against print are actually working for print! Print and direct mail marketing are effective ways to reach multiple sectors of the market, especially (this may come as a surprise) the younger generation! 

Yes, we’re saying Gen-Zers love print marketing! This is the generation that grew up with online ads swarming around their heads from a very young age. Print has that unique ability to build a connection between you and your audience by providing them with something real that they can actually touch and hold. 

Are you curious about how your business can benefit from print marketing? Check out the top reasons that the Marketing experts at D3 believe that you should incorporate print into your marketing plan this year, and beyond! 


Why You Need to Utilize Print

1. A Token to Take and Share

Have you ever been to a restaurant or bar that utilizes the little cardboard coasters? Of course, you have! Not only are these useful and visually pleasing, but any restaurant industry veteran will tell you that guests pocket them all the time! Allow your print materials to serve you and your customers by making them multifunctional. Print a QR code on the back that links to your menu, and give them an eye-catching design to make them memorable. 


2. Print Appeals to the Senses

As humans, we are inherently sensory-driven. We enjoy listening, looking, smelling, and feeling our way around the world that we live in. The fact is, digitally viewing content just doesn’t allow for the same connection as a physical brochure, flyer, etc.!

3. Print is Perfect for Busy Bees

There are two reasons that print marketing works on those who feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. 

  1. It’s less invasive. You can throw it on the counter or your desk, and come back to it later when you have more time. 

  2. It fills up time that would otherwise be wasted. For example, when you have no WiFi, are waiting at the doctor’s, etc. Or for when you’re simply tired of looking at a bright screen all day.

Your audience can receive a piece of print marketing and then decide what to do with it later. The ability to plan when they interact with it leads your audience to spend more time thinking about your product or service.


You’ve Used Print - Now Let’s Revisit! 

Do you have old brochures? (we know you do). What about inconsistent logo usage and branding? Now is the time to do an inventory and prioritize your print needs! You know that print works, so save money and reduce wasted materials at a later time by updating your print materials now. Your customers experiencing screen overload will welcome the new print with open arms after the screen fatigue that they’ve likely been experiencing over the last couple of months! 


How can you update your print? Consider the following when considering what you use, and how you can update it for the modern world! 

  1. Customized catalogs and mailings are passed around and kept longer, so make them interesting! Now is the time to not only look at what content you’re including but how that content visually shows as well! Consider working with a graphic designer to obtain the best results! 

  2. Print is a unique way to reach out to and address consumers right now! Consider sending mailings or postcards to potential and former customers to remind them about your business and the services that you provide. (Bonus points if it includes a special offer or coupon code!)

  3. Boredom is real for those who are working from home, choosing to limit their in-person interactions, etc. so help to entertain! Enhance your print advertising with add-ons such as word puzzles, guessing games, or coloring sheets! 

  4. Don’t forget that delivery methods are not one-size-fits-all for print. From door drops to partially addressed mailings, and fully personalized prints! Print can not only be fun, but it can match the best personalization for your business. 


It’s true, print marketing has had it rough over the years, but it’s been shown time and time again to connect with the audience in a way that purely digital advertising just doesn’t achieve! 

When a business invests in their print marketing, customers feel like they’re being treated to something special and that took time, not just another “generic” online ad. There’s no way that print is dead; in fact, we’d argue it’s still got many centuries of life left in it yet. Ready to learn more? Contact the print experts at D3 to learn how to get started.