As your business or organization makes decisions to meet the needs of the community, the all-important question remains, “how should I be communicating during this time?” For many, social media is the go-to platform for communicating. It’s important to understand that posting “business as usual,” is not the way to go. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s necessary to stop your efforts altogether! Your audience still wants to engage with you, but your marketing should be sensitive to the crisis that we are facing. 

How can you maintain your business and communicate with your audience? Consider these guiding principles, designed to help you navigate your social media communications during COVID-19. 

5 Ways to Remain Connected

1. To Post or Not to Post?

The first step to communicating with your audience is deciding whether or not your brand should continue to post during this time. For most, it is best to acknowledge COVID-19 and then move on. Leave the deeper conversations to those businesses who are dealing with this crisis on a first-hand basis. Potentially controversial updates are best left to policymakers. 

If you do determine that it’s appropriate to continue to post, try to focus on content that aligns with your brand’s values. Update your captions and be sure that your followers know that photos were taken prior to the pandemic. 

2. Communicate with Empathy 

Everyone’s situation is different, so be empathetic! Think twice before using humor or sarcasm. values-based language to demonstrate that you care. While you don’t have to mention the pandemic in each and every piece of content, consider how your captions may be interpreted by those who are facing a new reality. 

Empathetic messaging goes a long way. People will remember how brands communicated with them during this time, and if they’re not in a position to support your business now, if they’re moved by your messaging and actions, they may feel compelled to support you when they can.

3. Be the Connecting Force

Consider what your audience needs now, and fill the void. Listen to your followers and acknowledge the current climate, and find out what they’re looking for. Be a one-stop-shop for the resources and information that they’re looking for from you. Is your business the expert on everything local? Give your followers updated information on restaurants that are participating in carry-out and online orders. Let them know that you’re listening and that you’re here for them. 

Your audience must be at the forefront of this strategy. Ask yourself;

  1. How does COVID-19 affect my audience?

  2. Have my audience’s priorities changed?

  3. If necessary, how can I communicate changes to my products and/or services?

Keeping your audiences’ pain points at the top of your mind will better help you to support them where they need it. 

4. Remain Looking Forward

It’s critical to be authentic with your followers, but try to be optimistic with them as well. The internet and social media provide a firehose of information and news, so try to be the good news in someone’s day. Reminding your followers that this time won’t last forever and that there will be a return to normalcy after this is over. Now is the time to use your nostalgic, evergreen content, with uplifting and encouraging messaging. 

5. Get Creative! 

This is uncharted territory for all of us, and getting creative can help set you apart. Brainstorm with your team to look for out-of-the-box solutions to any challenges that your brand or industry may be facing at the moment. Could your business benefit from live streaming services or a lesson? What about taking this time to create the content that you’ve been putting off? These solutions could help you to stay connected and relevant with your audience, delivering the engaging content that they’re looking for. 

Have questions? We’re here to help! Reach out to the Social Strategists at D3 to assist with the messaging that you want your brand to convey during this time.