Looking to build awareness and engagement in a unique way? Say hello to multimedia marketing! Multimedia marketing is exactly what you think it is; combining various media forms to reach your target audience, boost engagement, and build brand recognition. 


It’s likely that your business is already utilizing some of the basics when it comes to multimedia marketing. However, reaching your target audience may require different tactics. Looking to switch things up? Read on to check out our top 5 out-of-the-box ways to strengthen your approach to multimedia. 

1. Google Tours

Convert those visitors into new customers with an interactive experience like never before. Google Tours allows users to take connecting with your business to the next level by giving your brick-and-mortar establishments a place to live on the web.  


Google Tours allows customers to know exactly what your business has to offer, and how you differ from the competition before they even step foot inside your doors. This experience is a unique way to inform and educate potential visitors while reassuring them that your business is a worthwhile stop in their next travels. 


Want to see an example of Google Tours in action? Check out this one that D3 created for Off the Hook and Cottage Cafe

2. Online Photo Menus

In a world where online ordering and take-out is dominating the restaurant industry, it’s imperative that your online menus show potential and return customers exactly what they’re going to get! Now more than ever, restaurants are relying heavily on digital assets to secure orders, and make sales. 


Online retailers don’t just describe their items, they show them! Restaurants should do the same. Customers want as much proof of satisfaction as possible before they make their online orders. Photo-heavy online menus can help customers feel more secure about their purchase, increase their appetite (and order size), and, let’s be real, photo-based menus will give you that extra edge to beat out the competition that’s still using text-based menus. 

3. 360° Facebook Posts

Take your Facebook postings to the next level with 360° views! This content gives your followers an immersive experience into your product, or experience, and gives brands the power to get users to finally stop mid-scroll. 


Marketing with 360°s is another way to keep your content versatile and fresh while adding a brand new type of content to the mix- content that your competitors may not be quite up to speed on, yet. 

4. Drone Video Shots

Give your marketing an entirely new perspective with drone video shots! Drone views provide a unique and engaging way to showcase your business. Drone footage showcases aerial views, and fast-motion shots, without cameras and video equipment getting in the way of the action. 


Drones provide unlimited versatility to your marketing content. From live streaming to birds-eye views, drones can provide amazing footage that proves to generate buzz, and build brand awareness. 

5. Live Cams

Let’s be real, our world is extensively documented. And really? That’s how most of us like it! We like taking that picture and sharing it with our friends and family.  We like knowing what other people think of a product or service that we’re considering.  And don't tell us that you don’t love knowing what the parking situation looks like at a new location that you’re visiting. 


When it comes to your customers, they want to have that level of access to your business, too! Engage viewers by showcasing breathtaking views, an interesting look at your location, and up-to-date weather conditions with a live cam, so your audience never has to wonder what it’s really like. Need inspiration on what you could showcase on your live cam? We just so happen to know a site


We understand that the amount of media, and various channels, can seem overwhelming when you’re focusing on the operations of your business. Our solution? Talk to the experts! You know where to find us.