As the seasons change, so do we - what we buy, what we do, and where we go all change depending on the time of year. As marketers and business owners, it is imperative to ensure that our ads adapt to the seasons as well! 

How can you make the most out of your digital advertising campaigns? Put on your retail and purchaser hats and begin by thinking a season ahead. Sure, it’s hard to think about summertime fun and swimsuits when it’s still 30 degrees outside. 

However, being sure that your digital ads are ready and working as soon as the seasons change, or the next big holiday or event is here, is crucial to remaining relevant to any potential customer. 

Make your digital ads work by refreshing them with the season and planning ahead! These ads could be the reason that consumers are flocking to your attention before their absolute need for your products or services has arrived! Continue reading for the top 3 tips to getting your ads ready early, and how seasonality can affect your business, from the Digital Advertising experts at D3! 

How to Get Your Ads Ready Early

1. The Power of An Image

If a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine how important it is to choose the correct, seasonal imagery for your paid advertising! For example, if you’re running ads to drive guests to take advantage of a winter special at your hotel, you don’t want to use imagery of people in bathing suits, relaxing on the beach, use imagery that reflects what their experience will be like during their stay. 

2. Change Your Imagery, Change Your Ad Copy

Adjusting the copy on your ads is just as important as updating the imagery itself! Stay in touch with the world around your business and be sure that the verbiage that accompanies your ad is aligned with when you’re promoting.

3. Adjust Your Bidding and Targeting

Each season and impending holiday bring on new searches for certain products or services. Be sure that you make the most of these changes in the market and plan to adjust your bidding strategies, Facebook budgets, and targeting accordingly. 

For instance, Valentine’s Day is almost here, which means popular restaurants, jewelry stores, and flower shops are beginning to see an uptick in traffic. As the season that’s most popular for your particular business approaches, increase your keyword budget and keep an eye on your targeting strategies to be opportunistic with your advertising. 


How Seasonality Affects Your Business 

If you’re thinking that seasonality doesn’t affect your business, it may be time to reconsider! Seasonality can affect businesses in a multitude of ways. Consider the following; 

1. Your business is open for part of the year and closed for the other part. 

2. Your business offers different products throughout the year. 

3. Your customer’s demand for different services changes throughout the year. 

All these changes are to keep up with the weather, season, holidays, and major events in order to remain relevant and in-touch with your consumers. 


Do you have questions about seasonal marketing, or is it time for your digital ads to refresh? Contact the experts at D3; you know where to find us…