Apple’s latest update, iOS14, gives users the ability to opt-in or out of data tracking on Facebook and Instagram. These changes mean that there will be significantly less data available to marketers.  

What’s the impact? With less data, it’s harder to form an accurate picture of the buyers’ journey. Current marketing strategies, campaign optimization, and other marketing channels may need to be adjusted. 

If you’re concerned for your business and advertising efforts, you’re not alone. But don’t be discouraged! The Facebook Ad changes only require a shift in strategy, and an abundance of marketing channels will still be here for you in the same capacity they’ve always been. 

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The D3 Take

As a full-service digital marketing agency that offers Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies, we’re already ahead of this change. We will continue to provide successful marketing results for our clients to reach their goals. 

At D3, ad campaigns are set up thoroughly and are regularly managed for the best results. As first-party data collection becomes more important than ever, know that D3 has over 20 years of experience in effective and personalized lead capture with innovative nurturing tools. Our team never stops learning and growing our digital marketing industry knowledge in order to bring those skills to each and every brand we partner with. 

Apple may have thrown a curveball when it comes to Facebook Ads, but we’re ready to take on the challenge! As always, we’re prepared for the next leg of the digital marketing journey. 

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