What do your traditional holiday plans look like? Your business likely had plans to host your holiday event this year. If you’re like many businesses and families across the US, you’re probably trying to hold out until the date gets closer to see if restrictions change and you’re able to host your event “business-as-usual”. 

As the time to plan gets closer, it may be time to rethink what your event will look like this holiday season. Take the time now to start planning corporate, social, and non-profit holiday events that traditionally happen in December.

Consider the following suggestions and ID3AS to reconvene teams during this holiday season! 

Tips for Holiday Events in 2020

1. Adhere to Mandates and Protocols

Are you still planning on having your in-person event? Be sure that you’re prepared to make it safe, adhering to local and state mandates and protocols. In this ever-changing environment, keep your finger on the pulse of changes at the government level. Consider the use of health questionnaires, mask requirements, and sanitizer stations throughout your event. Before your event, communicate these safety precautions to your guests so they can arrive confident that they’ll be safe. 


2. Consider Activities or Volunteering

Let’s face it, your team morale may be down. We know that your executive team has had to make tough decisions during this time, and many organizations might not feel like celebrating this year, or it may not feel appropriate. If that sounds like your business, consider planning an activity or team-building event, instead of a traditional dinner or banquet.

Another way to help boost morale and get your team together is volunteering. If you’re not sure where to start, our Public Relations team at D3 can help get you connected with a non-profit of your choice, so you and your team can give back this holiday season


3. Go Virtual!

Events may be an essential part of your business to meet sales or fundraising goals. If the party still needs to go on, but you’re not sure about how you can execute a safe environment, it may be a good idea to go virtual! Virtual events have essentially taken over throughout 2020, from Zoom birthday parties and celebrations to virtual graduation ceremonies, and special events. 

If you’re considering hosting a virtual holiday event this holiday season, you’ll want to be sure that you have all the logistics set up to make sure your event goes off without a hitch! 

Virtual Event Checklist 

Health and safety concerns surrounding travel and large gatherings have created the need for seamless and engaging virtual experiences. Times like these call for creative solutions, so how can you plan a virtual event that your attendees will remember long after? Check out our virtual event checklist to make sure that you’re properly set up for your event! 

1. Zoom Backgrounds: Get creative with holiday-themed and company-branded Zoom backgrounds for your virtual holiday get together! 

2. Web Banners: Are you hosting a virtual event that’s open to the public? Get the word out to those who visit your site by updating your website banner at the top of the screen. 

3. Social Content: You’ll want compelling content this holiday season, especially when hosting a virtual event! Be sure that your digital assets are professional and eye-catching. Work with the design and social media experts at D3 to create content that will impress your followers! 

4. Facebook Event: Don’t forget to set up a Facebook event! These events can be private, or open to the public, and include important information such as event times, Zoom information, and more! The best part? Your guests that RSVP will be reminded the day-of so they won’t forget! 


Things may look a bit different this holiday season, but it’s important to remember that we can still keep traditions alive while adjusting our path. Make the most of this holiday season and talk to the experts at D3 to get started on your event marketing materials!