With the growth of e-commerce, our day to day experiences and online-shopping mentality is undergoing what seems to be a permanent change. Optimizing the online customer experience for businesses across all industries is becoming not only a welcomed change but a necessity in the new normal. 

If you think that your business has no need for e-commerce, think again. You’ve reviewed the basics and now it’s time to take it a step further. How can your business benefit from selling online? 

Imagine e-commerce working for your business beyond what’s expected. Start the trend in your industry by selling your original services online via e-commerce. Don’t know where to begin? Consider the following “out-of-the-box” ideas, and contact the e-commerce gurus at D3 to discuss how you can make selling online work for your business! 

E-Commerce For You

Limited Stocked Items: Perhaps you’re a brewery and only have a limited number of your new can-release. Or, you’ve finally stocked up on the item that has been selling off the shelf for weeks. You want to sell your product, but you don’t want to deal with the hassle of shipping and handling. Sell slots online so your most loyal customers can be sure that they get what you’re selling by ordering online with in-store pick-up. 

Reserve Outdoor Spaces: In our new normal, socially distancing ourselves from others isn’t always a “want”; it’s a need, whether that be from the desire to keep your family as protected as possible, or by government mandates. If you own a coveted outdoor space, such as an outdoor pool, pavilion, or even playground, consider reserving spots online. This way, you can be sure that your property is staying safe while allowing families and friends a safe place to enjoy each other’s company. 

Reserve Indoor Spaces: Are you a restaurant that has had to cut back on hours and indoor dining due to low-staffing, or COVID-19? Or, are you a large-capacity place of gathering such as a church, sanctuary, or mosque? Allow reservations via e-commerce platforms! Include a map of your restaurant online and allow patrons to choose the table where they would like to sit.  This is especially good business for restaurants with those coveted waterfront views! Or, allow in-person worshippers to register online and reserve their seats to avoid overcrowding. 

Book Services and Pay Online: We know that your phones have been ringing off the hook. Improve the “check-in” and “check-out” experience for your business and your guests by allowing patrons to not only book their appointment online but to pay for their services online as well. Don’t want to charge your customers ahead of time? No problem! Allow your clients to pay for their experience after their visit from the comfort of their chair or car with e-commerce. 

Online Packages: When you first buy a home, you’re acutely aware of everything that needs to be done, but what happens after the first few months of “new-home-ownership” wear off? For example: how often should your HVAC filters be replaced? Where are your HVAC filters? And when is the last time that you checked your smoke detectors? If you’re like most homeowners, many of the items on your “yearly maintenance checklist” have gone untouched since the first 6-months of buying your home. This is for you, service industries! Selling packages online that include maintenance or check-up services, and seasonal deals (such as lawn-care packages) will take your business to the next level, all by utilizing e-commerce. 

Are you ready to get started? Contact the e-commerce gurus at D3 to learn more about how you can make e-commerce work for your business!