The COVID-19 pandemic has been and continues to be a unique challenge for everyone. Navigating the “new normal” in order to get the job done has proven difficult for companies large and small. Between learning how to work from home, implementing new safety precautions, managing the needs of a family, and more, it’s been a tough time for everyone. 

This is why it’s more important now than ever before for companies to show their appreciation to their teammates, employees, and their customers. Trials and tribulations deepen our gratefulness, if only we allow it. 

How can you show your employees, customers, and teammates how much you appreciate them during these times? Consider the following practices and thought starters to help you show appreciation as we all navigate the new normal. 

Ways to Show Appreciation During COVID-19

Listen to Ideas and Suggestions

Listening to someone’s ideas and suggestions is one of the most simple, yet direct ways to show your appreciation to someone. If you have a talented team, recognize them by taking their ideas, suggestions, and criticisms seriously! The same goes for your customers: show them that you listen and appreciate their feedback by thanking them for their suggestion and putting serious consideration into what they said. 

Finally, follow up with your customers, teammates, or employees to show that you considered their comments and suggestions. If you implemented their ideas, let them know. If you didn’t, explain why and thank them again for the thought. 

Utilize Micro-recognition In Your Work Culture

Micro-recognition tactics are all about small, informal recognitions that occur on a moment-to-moment basis. These recognitions happen in real-time, requiring peers and leaders to offer praise and positive feedback even in the smallest of ways. 

One example of this is if your company uses a messaging program to communicate with each other while working remotely, such as Slack, add a “thank you” channel and send a quick message of thanks to your coworkers when it’s deserved. Showing micro-recognition can also be done during a beginning or end of day work huddle, or by simply making a point to say “thank you”, “great job”, or “I appreciate you” throughout your workday. 

Celebrate and Honor Customer Loyalty 

Just as you would celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with your loved ones, you can celebrate company milestones with your customers, too! For example, if you’ve reached a certain number of followers on social media, you could publish a “thank you” post that includes a discount. Or, if your company is reaching a milestone, share it across email and social media. When you share important milestones with your customers, it establishes a bond that lets them know how special they are to you and brings them into your world. 

In the same vein, you can offer exclusive memberships and experiences for those customers who have been with you since the beginning. Members would be able to access the latest updates, monthly promotions, and content that isn’t offered anywhere else. 

Building Loyalty Beyond COVID-19

Your customers, clients, and the talented people that are on your team are your brand’s most valuable assets. Showing gratitude to your team and strengthening your customer relationships will build loyalty to your brand that simply cannot be bought. Infusing gratitude into every aspect of your marketing campaign and customer service will build relationships with people who will stick with your company for the long haul, whether that’s as an employee or customer. 

We know that you’re feeling gratitude for your customers, employees, and coworkers this year, too- so now’s the time to show it! This is the year to show gratitude for all of those not so little things that add up to mean everything. Conversations with friends, time with our families, gifts of appreciation, and understanding between co-workers, loving moments, donations, and so much more. These “little” parts of our day have shown up in a big way this year. 

At D3, we’d like to extend a huge thank you to you! To our clients, friends, family, to those who read our emails and blogs week after week. Your continued support allows us to be creative and thoughtful in the work that we do. Each week we look forward to providing you with new information regarding business, marketing, and more, and we hope you enjoy it too!