You already know that email marketing is a powerful tool to use for your business, but how do you take it to the next level? Email marketing can be a cost-effective way to engage with your customers, as well as drive sales. There is no other marketing platform, aside from social media, that can guarantee that your company's message will reach the potential number of people in your database. 

Even if someone doesn’t open your email, they still see your name and your business name. How can you beat that? Email marketing presents a great opportunity for fast and affordable traffic.

“The average person now receives anywhere from 10-80 emails a day, so you have to find a new way to stand out and be noticed.”

Source: DigDev Direct

Wondering how you can take your emails to the next level and stand out against the competition? D3 is here to help. Check out our tips from the Email Marketing Experts to get your emails opened, read, and clicked through to get your calls to action - actually acted upon.   

Understand Your Audience

Did you know that only 11% of email campaigns are segmented? That’s over 80% of emails that are missing the mark and potential sales. Learn about email list segmentation, and what it can do for your business! Not only will this guarantee that you are delivering the right content to the right audience, but in doing so it can increase engagement rates. Important data points to consider when segmenting your emails are; location, purchase history, and engagement history. 

Determine Your Goals

Before you can begin the email marketing process, you must establish your goals and objectives. Do you want to boost your subscriber list? Do you want to turn potential leads into new clients? What about increasing traffic to your website? With a firm goal in place, the time that you put into your efforts can take your campaigns to the next level. Ensure that your marketing goals are measurable, specific, and realistic. 

Track Your Data

A common mistake that marketers make is keeping track of email metrics without examining their goals. While it’s incredibly important that your team tracks metrics and trends such as the open rate or CTR, it’s also important to add an extra layer of analytics that will provide insight on how to optimize your emails and achieve your goals. If you have questions on what these extra analytics could entail, consider speaking with an expert who can help

Keep Subscribers Engaged

In order to maintain and grow your subscriber list, you must think about how you’re going to keep them engaged and interested in the content of your emails, and your brand. Establishing who is and who isn’t engaged with your efforts can help determine who you’re going to aim your marketing efforts towards. Be sure to remove any unengaged subscribers, and clean up your list once a quarter, or twice a year! 

In order to get your business on the map, it’s essential that you consider these tips to reaching new marketing heights! 

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